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Mini Digger Hire Dartford & Digger Hire MaidstoneMini Digger Hire Dartford & Digger Hire Maidstone

J.Park plant hire provide hiring services for Mini Digger Hire Dartford & Digger Hire Maidstone. We provide a wide range of options for people who are looking to hire mini diggers or large diggers. We are proud of our great quality of diggers which we provide to our customers at very affordable prices. If you are looking to hire a digger for your construction work, no matter if it is a short term construction work of a house or a small building or if it is a long term construction work , we provide our diggers to all kind of clients. Our diggers are widely used all over Dartford and Maidstone for both domestic and commercial purposes.
Our diggers are maintained properly and we do quality checks on regular intervals to make sure that your construction work never gets hampered because of our machinery.
We offer wide range of hiring services for mini digger hire Dartford & digger hire Maidstone, few of them are mentioned below:

1. 0.8 ton micro digger:

If you have limited access to the construction site than this digging machine is the most excellent choice for you. Because of its width of only 700 mm it has an amazing ability to go through narrow places where huge diggers can not enter. Because of its small size, it power can not be underestimated.This digger is very powerful machine and can be a great help to you if you are looking for a mini digger hire service in Dartford or Maidstone.

2. 1.5 ton mini digger

This machine is a combination of small size and great power. It has amazing capabilities to work in extreme construction conditions. No matter if it is a dry site or if it is a site with lots of water, this machine can carry out construction work with great efficiency. This machine is an all rounder with plenty of power and is very useful for digging footings, digging out driveways leveling land.

3. 3 ton mini digger:

This digger is mostly used for long term commercial building projects. Our 3 ton mini digger is widely used by builders for building huge buildings. Because of its amazing power and high ability of footings, soakaways, leveling land and digging out driveways this digger is the first choice of builders for commercial construction purposes.

If you are looking for a professional team which can not only deliver mini diggers in Dartsford and Maidstone but also can provide great maintenance services than J.Park is the best option for you. Feel free to contact us and we will be at your service in no time our team of Mini Digger Hire Dartford & Digger Hire Maidstone experts are here to help you with all your plant hire needs.

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