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Plant hire AshfordPlant hire Ashford

J.Park plant hire is one of the fastest growing plant hire Ashford companies. We offer a complete plant rental service including quality plant machines and small tools. It is our extensive experience that enables us to provide exceptional customer service.
All plant and equipment supplied by J.Park is regularly and routinely maintained by our experienced maintenance personnel. We know the importance of construction machinery therefore we make sure that the machinery hired from us does not breakdown during the construction work. We provide complete facilities for plant hire Ashford and fully equipped field service fitters on the road, we are always available to back up the equipment we supply.
We provide hire services to both domestic and commercial clients , Whether you are building your house or you are a contractor and got a contract to construct a large building, our plant machinery will help you to complete your construction work on time with great efficiency.

Your safety is our priority so you can be sure that any machinery large or small hired from us will be in great working conditions, free from defects, and ready for use.
Our every item whether it is a large machine or small tool is maintained and serviced properly in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, and we ensure that electrical items are tested in properly in all kind of conditions.
Commercial equipment is designed for heavy use, but even with the best care damage or defects can occur. At J.Park Plant Hire we know how annoying and time-consuming it can be, if work can’t continue until a repair is made. With an enthusiastic field service and maintenance team with specialist analytic equipment, we will Endeavour to offer a swift response time, to find and remedy the fault as soon as possible.
All our Engineers and technical experts have firsthand experience of working in adverse conditions of construction sites and we’re happy to share our knowledge to help ensure that your construction work goes without any problem.

If you are looking to start a construction business or if you are looking to build your own house , feel free to contact us any time, we provide onsite delivery of our products so you need not to visit our physical locations to pick up heavy machineries like dumpers or diggers. Our contact addresses are provided on our website, so feel free to contact us regarding your needs.


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