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Digger Hire Sittingbourne & Dumper Hire SittingbourneDigger Hire Sittingbourne & Dumper Hire Sittingbourne

If you own or are in the process of maintaining a commercial property whether it be regular maintenance or occasional conversions, extensions or renovations there is a good chance are going to need a lot of machinery and equipment such as digger, dumper, and dozers. J Park Plant Hire Kent provides our clients a range with the facility of digger hire Sittingbourne & dumper hire Sittingbourne.
We have a vast range of equipment and our professionals are experts in doing those little but important tasks that help make your life a little easier. Purchasing plant equipment such as dumpers and diggers can be quite expensive event for a project that might take a few months, with J Park Plant hire Kent you can hire the plant hire you want at the price you need. If you are looking Digger or Dumper, contact us and just sit and relax, we’re here to do the rest of the job.
We deliver plant machinery at your location and our professionals are here to assist you all the way to the end of your construction project. We collect the machinery ourselves to save your time, money, effort and fuel! We also advise on the best equipment suitable as per your job, such as driveways, new builds and extensions.
You may need a digger to dig into the earth to do things such as create trenches and ditches, build roads and erect new buildings. Sometimes referred to as excavator, it is also used for clearing large amounts of debris and grading the earth for large construction and landscaping projects. It needs a skilled person to use a digger and we offer to help you with this as our workers are exceptionally skilled.
Dumpers are used to transport construction materials from one location on a site to another. We have dumpers available in different capacities mainly the 1 ton skip loading dumpers and the 3 ton straight tip dumpers. Dumpers are useful in compact spaces and rigid terrain also. Dumpers work through hydraulics mechanism and are robust enough for most of our clients needs. Safety is our utmost concern while operating dumpers and we can provide advise on safety as well as insurance when its time to hire your equipment. We understand how irritating it is, if you hire a digger or dumper from a company and the machinery breaks down while being used. We take immense care that our diggers and dumpers must be well maintained and the construction work must get accomplished with an ease while using our machinery. We have a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians who are professionally trained to do all the maintenance work.
We offer a vast range of diggers and dumpers for hiring purposes. No matter how big or small the construction work is, we have options for all kind of customers. If you are building your own house and you have narrow space than 0.8 ton micro digger is the best suitable option for you. It has a width of only 700 mm which makes it a perfect match to get into those places where large diggers can not enter. It is a digger with small size and great power. If you are building a small commercial building may be a shop or showroom than you should go for 1.5 ton mini digger, It is an amazing combination of great power and compact size, this machine is highly capable of working on all kinds of construction sites.

If you are a commercial constructor and got a contract to construct a shopping mall or any other large commercial site than 3 ton mini digger can get your work done with ease, used on a range of construction this workhorse is ideal for larger projects where more material will need to be removed.
Along with diggers, J.Park plant hire provides great options for people who are looking to hire dumpers. Our Range of Dumpers Include:
• 1 Ton Dumper
This versatile machine is ideal for moving loads upto 1 tonne. It is 1 meter wide and has hi-tip capacity and hydraulic breaks. These can easily move huge loads with no worry.
Max Load: 1000kg, Fuel: Diesel, Make:
• 3 Ton Dumper

This amazing machine can move a load up to 3 tons . It has a great capacity and it also has an extraordinary breaking system. This machine can move huge loads with an ease. We provide 3 ton dumpers at very affordable prices and we never compromise with our quality.

At J Park Digger Hire Sittingbourne & Dumper Hire Sittingbourne, we provide two types of dumpers in order to give you best choice possible in choosing the best dumper for your construction or groundwork project. We can provide you with either 1 ton dumper as well as the 3 ton.

J Park Plat Hire does not compromise with quality and your safety. Our operators are skilled and get your job done with ease.

Call us for all your Digger Hire Sittingbourne & Dumper Hire Sittingbourne needs

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